Student Services

Empowering students to be fully trained, the school provides various non-academic support to help them be oriented and equipped with skills by enhancing an atmosphere conducive to their learning and even exposing them ample opportunities for their total personal development.

The school offers the following services that concern the students’ welfare within the campus which are taken care of by the related personnel and staff who specialize particular skills:

1. Guidance Program – The Guidance Program of the Misamis Oriental General Comprehensive High School (MOGCHS) is geared toward the students’ maximum development of their potentials both in academic and non-academic aspects and enables them to become work-oriented, productive and self-directed individuals. It helps them better understand their strengths and limitations and enables them to adjust to their social and emotional life.

Services Offered: 

1.1 Orientation – It helps student adjust to school environment through which he acquires a feeling of security and belongingness. 

1. 2 Individual Inventory – It is designed to gather all reliable data from the student to give the counselor sufficient insight with regards to the problems of the student and somehow gain knowledge and self-realization.

1.3 Testing – It is administered to gathered pertinent data for awareness in relation to the world of work and to provide opportunity to develop skills in decision making. 

1.4 Counseling – It is the center of the guidance services. It assists students in their manifested socially acceptable behavior, sense of direction and wholesome life adjustment. It also helps to strengthen his inner resources for coping with various needs and problems. 

1.5 Career Guidance Orientation – It helps students in:

  • preparing for college
  • identifying various professions in the educational and vocational fields
  • learning to discover the world of work ethics and
  • helping to discover the world of work with the opportunity to develop skills in decision-making.

1.6 Follow-up – It maintains continuous contact with graduate students. It is also concerned with drop-out students and keeps in touch with school leavers.

 1.7 Linkages – It assists in coping with the students’ problems and concerns trough an organized program of resource utilization.

2. Library – The school provides adequate books and various reading materials in the library. The Librarian maintains efficient services to help students with their needs.

 Hours of Services:  8:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M.  Monday to Friday 

The following grounds have to be observed:

  1. Silence must be observed in the library.
  2. Library cards must be secured from the librarian to avail the use of the library materials.
  3. Library cards are non-transferable.
  4. Meetings, discussions, chatting, playing video and other forms of disturbances are not allowed in the library.


3. Health Clinic – The students’ health is under the supervision of the school public nurse.

Services Offered: 

  • Physical examination is administered to every student at least once during the school year.
  • The clinic takes care of all minor ailments of the students.
  • Students with serious illness are referred to the division/regional doctor upon advice of the school nurse.


 4. Science Laboratory – The science laboratory is provided with complete facilities, chemical apparatus, equipment and fire extinguisher for emergency.


 5. Students and Teachers Cooperative Canteen

  • Help keep the canteen clean and orderly. Empty bottles, wrappers, soiled dishes should be disposed at their proper places.
  • Students should show courtesy and politeness on buying.


 6. Security Guard – They help the administration to safeguard the students and school properties within their working hours of duty.