School Policies

MOGCHS as a school maintains discipline inside its campus and outside its premises when students are engaged in activities authorized by the school.


1. Attendance & Punctuality – All students are expected to attend classes from the first day of classes, Absences shall be counted from the first day of classes regardless of the students date of enrolment. Daily attendance is checked by the class beadle, adviser and subject teacher.


2. Absences

2.1 When the students anticipates inability to attend classes for two or more days due to valid reasons, the school should be informed either through letter, phone call or texting.

2.2 Absences of students in special holidays, activities relative to their religions, e.g. Ramadan, shall be considered in discretion of the principal, and approval.

2.3 An absentee student must present an excuse letter signed by his or her parent or guardian, stating the reason of her absences and the length of time she was absent. This will be countersigned by the Prefect of Students before he/she is readmitted to his/her class. No student/helper is allowed to write the letter if excuse for the parents.

2.4 In case of successive absences of ten (10) days or two (2) weeks without prior notification from parents or authorized guardian, the student shall be subject to disciplinary sanctions such as :

  • No special exams/quizzes and other activities shall be given except on cases such as hospitalization, accident, communicable diseases or death of an immediate relative.
  • Absences do not excuse a student from homework, lessons or class work as theme writing, experiments, book reports, term paper or any school requirement.
  • If the absences exceed ten (10) says without prior notice, the student will be considered dropped and the adviser/subject teacher shall notify the Office of Guidance Services. A conference will be conducted together with the parent, student, adviser, and guidance counselor.
  • If a student accumulates an absence of 20% of the required class days for the school year, he is automatically dropped and will have to repeat the curriculum year.


3. Tardiness/Cutting Classes

3.1 Punctuality is to be observed by all students. Late comers cannot enter the classroom without securing admission slips from the Prefect of Students (designate).

3.2 Being late for three times is equivalent to a day of absence and he shall be given tasks to do.

3.3 Habitual tardiness shall be dealt accordingly and shall be reported to the Prefect of Discipline (designate) for disciplinary action and subject for recommendation to the Principal.

A student who is present in some subjects and absent in other classes is considered cutting classes. If he cuts classes often times, he should be reported to the Office of the Guidance Services. He should be advised to bring his parents for an immediate conference.


4. Leaving the Classroom during Class Hours

4.1 Students are discouraged from going in and out of the classroom during class period.

4.2 Students must ask permission from the adviser/subject teacher when leaving the classroom during class periods. Permission to leave in between class periods while waiting for the next teacher must be sought from the highest class officer present. Before leaving the classroom, he signs in the logbook and indicate s the time departure and arrival.

4.3 No student may be pulled out from the classroom when class is going on. Anybody who wishes to see a student must drop by at the Office of the Guidance Services to facilitate the communication.


5. Going Out of the School Premises on Class Hours

5.1 Students are not allowed to leave the school premises during recess or class hours.

5.2 Permission to go out for urgent reasons must be secured from the Office of the Principal upon presentation of a written note from the adviser.

5.3 School activities which require attendance of the students should be attended. Failure to attend will mean absence for the period/day.


6. Suspension/Expulsion (Section 145-151, Part VI, Chapter III, Service Manual 1960).

For first and other offenses which are not serious in nature, a suspension from the school not to exceed three (3) says be authorized by the school principal without prior approval of the Division Superintendent. However, parents must be informed by the teacher or school principal of any misconduct on the part of their children for which disciplinary action is imperative.

6.1 Offenses punishable by suspension after due process:

  1. Writing indecent words
  2. Uttering vulgar words maliciously or with intent to hurt
  3. Falsification of letters, signature of parents, guardians, teachers and other school authorities.
  4. Habitual cutting classes, non-attendance in school activities such as programs, etc.
  5. Vandalism
    • Writing on walls, chairs, library books and magazines
    • Destroying school materials and equipment
    • Tampering of bulletin boards, displays or notices
  6. Lending or borrowing ID’s, Library cards, etc.
  7. Extortion
    • Asking or receiving money or material from others under threat
  8. Cheating
    • Copying and using materials to be copied
    • Exchanging or passing test papers
    • Whispering or making signs
  9. Leaving the school premises during class hours
  10. Truancy
  11. Any offense similar in nature from the above

6.2 Offenses punishable by dismissal after due process:

  1. Immoral conduct
    • Improper and scandalous behavior in public places
    • Engaging in immoral actions with the same sex or opposite sex
    • Possessing, displaying or distributing pornographic materials
    • Remarks or acts of lewdness
  2. Forgery
    • Tampering of school records, etc.
  3. Possession/carrying or use of any deadly weapon or blunt instrument
  4. Injury to others
    • Assaulting, acts of defiance or disrespect against teachers, students, school authorities or school personnel
  5. Possession/carrying of prohibited drugs, drug pushing or drug taking/smoking.
  6. Disruption of classes
    • Preventing or threatening students from attending classes or entering school premises
  7. Insubordination /Incorrigibility
    • Committing for the second time offenses punishable by suspension
    • Instigating others to insubordination
    • Acts of defiance against teachers or school authorities
    • Propagating false orders
  8. Fighting
    • Taking part in a serious trouble
    • Provoking, fighting in and out of the school premises
  9. Shoplifting, stealing, theft and influencing others to steal
  10. Drinking intoxicants and liquor
  11. Hazing in any form of manner whether inside or outside the school premises

7. School Uniform

7.1 A school uniform shall be prescribed to all students. Wearing of black shoes in considered part of the uniform.

7.2 All students shall be required to wear the official school ID in the school campus.

7.3 The acceptable haircut for boys shall be at least one (1) inch above the ear three (3) inches above the collar lines.


During the school days, Misamis Oriental General Comprehensive High School (MOGCHS) is responsible for the students’ whereabouts.

  1. Observance of Curfew – students are not allowed to stay in the school campus after 5:30 in the afternoon. 
  1. Outings or Field Trips – any class activity such as picnics, parties, overnight campaigns and field trips must be approved by the principal. Written permit from the parents are required before a student is permitted by the principal.
  1. Student Activities
    • Classrooms are to be used for academic purposes only.
    • No group actions like boycott of classes, demonstrations against any issue, person or teacher will be allowed.
    • Co-curricular activities shall be subject to the approval of the Principal.
    • Meetings, assemblies, convocation and activities shall be held in presence and with the knowledge of the following authorities: Principal, Head Teacher, Guidance Counselor, teacher, and Club Adviser/Coach.
  1. Campus Security
    • Only bonafide students of the school shall be allowed inside the school campus.
    • No visitors shall be allowed inside the school campus during school hours except for valid reasons. They shall be required to sign logbook of the security guard.
    • Teachers shall confer parents/guardians during off periods.