Parents/Guardians Guidelines

1. Home and school are partners in the education of the student. In this respect, the school needs the cooperation of the parents in this great and important task of youth education.

2. In case the parents do not live with their children they should designate a guardian to assume their responsibilities towards the student and act under their names.

3. Students are required to attend classes regularly and punctually. Parents should minimize any irregularity of attendance.

4. Parents are required to attend meetings or orientation scheduled for them by the Principal/Class Homeroom Adviser.

5. Parents should be aware of the child’s time of dismissal/arrival at home. In the event that he is to be retained in school for practice or for remedial measures, etc., parents will be notified.

6. If the child is late in coming home as expected, parents are requested to man an immediate follow-up and inform the school to be able to do something to help in the situation.

7. The school is NOT RESPONSIBLE for ant untoward incident that may happen to the student after class are dismissed.

8. Letters sent by advisers/subject teachers to parents should be acknowledged and answered immediately. Failure to do so will mean lack of concern for the welfare of the child.

9. Parents are requested to follow-up and assist their children on academic and psychological difficulties.

10. Parents or visitors who desire to see a teacher for important matters concerning the child are requested to do so after class hours or on urgent needs, secure permission from the Office of the Principal.

11. Discourage the children from wearing jewelries, bringing valuable and too much pocket money. This will prevent occasions or temptation to steal.

12. Feel free to visit our school, make appointments to meet/dialogue with the school administrators and faculty.