All About MOGCHS

As the oldest high school in the heart of the city of Cagayan de Oro in the province of Misamis Oriental,Region 10, the Misamis Oriental General Comprehensive High School (MOGCHS) takes pride in being the pioneer in high school education through academic and technical vocational excellence, outstanding research, public service, sports implementors and improved facilities.Established in 1909, MOGCHS started as a small Cagayan campus with only very few students those who cannot afford to avail quality education in Manila. Over the years, MOGCHS has made a reputation for itself as a public high school that produces scientific and creative outputs of the highest quality which receive both regional and national recognition. In fact, MOGCHS has been known as the Home of the Champions. Today, MOGCHS has expanded its population to almost 14,000 students in four year levels purposely to help our poor deserving students avail a free quality education. Education programs of MOGCHS helps nurture the intellectual and cultural growth of the Filipino students specifically in areas of Cagayan de Oro and Misamis Oriental. Most of its faculty have doctorate degrees and have master’s degrees. The rest are working on their graduate studies. Some although remained as teacher 1 but they are as effective and as brilliant as doctorate teachers.

To date, MOGCHS has produced more than 1,900 fourth year graduates every year and more than 40% from among the graduates are expected to successfully finish different college courses in nearby schools and universities in the fields engineering, physics, agriculture, chemistry, psychology, medicine,commerce, business management and many other courses. But MOGCHS strength does not lie in its academic pursuits alone: With the Technology and Livelihood Education subject, Technical and vocational courses were given emphasis to prepare our students not only academically but technically. In fact, many of our graduates who pursued tech. voc. education in college did succeed working abroad and have sufficient income than those graduates of 4-5 year courses. After its centennial celebration, MOGCHS aims to further improve its academic and research programs and tech.voc. implementation to maintain standards same as known public and private high schools throughout the country. MOGCHS hopes to meet the demands of the changing times and take its place as one of the best in the region, and eventually, the Philippines.


 Pedro Ranises Estaño Jr., Ph.D.
Secondary School Principal IV