In December 2016, the Project Ecoplanters was implemented. Its aim is to lessen
plastic bottles by recycling it into planters for decorative plants and vegetables. The
decorative plants are used for school beautification, and the vegetables provide the
vitamins and micronutrients needed for a healthy diet.

There were two methods of making ecoplanters: by making a vertical tower garden,
and by making a self-watering planter. The project contributed to the landscaping
activities of the school. It is easy to make aside from its space-saving advantage. Vacant
spaces in the campus as well as the perimeter fence walls are used for hanging the
planters. It can also lessen the time and the amount of water used for watering, since
refilling of water can be done utmost twice a month.

This project was started by the PSYSC and has inspired other class sections to do
the same as part of the Gulayan sa Paaralan Program of the school.

We encourage the families especially those living in small spaces to make this
project as part of your family activity. It can beautify your homes as well as provide the
vegetables needed on our dining tables. More vegetables produced could also be sold and
generate additional income for the family

We encourage the youth to lead in this advocacy. As science clubbers, making
Ecoplanters is one of our legacies in making a sustainable environment for ourselves and
for the future generations.


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